Thursday, 27 March 2014


So the light improvement work on Book 4 has sort of turned into what happened with my bedroom ceiling last year: suddenly I have a huge hole and I have to take apart the whole rest of the book to repair the damage I've done. But it's okay because it will look nicer and be bigger and more spacious when it's done! And a few of the opening chapters are pretty much the same.

I always felt I wrote a better opening than a close, or if not better, then at least water tight: the premise is awesome, I just have to write something to suit it all the way through to the end. A lot of my stories start just as the opening scene or the first few chapters, and often when I have that I have to let it sit a long while to start coming up with my first ideas for what might follow that first pure, perfect idea.

In this case I had a sort of skeleton structure for the whole story, but the actual telling of it, I feel like I really undersold some ideas, and other times just didn't really tell it that well. Even if the writing seems fine sentence by sentence, I just feel like as a story teller I really ought to have done better, and am more capable of it... On the other hand, the end of book four is the oldest first draft I have still "in circulation" if we call the "official only draft I've ever bothered to write of a story" circulation. Everything else from that time has been re-written so thoroughly you wouldn't recognise it, often for the same reasons. And at the time I remember putting the story down and saying, "Well, this is the best that Present Me can do, I leave it for Future Me to go off and become a better writer, and then to get back to me in 3-4 years with a better draft."

I like to think that I am currently that Future Me. :P And for once Past Me might have been onto something instead of being a total moron, as she normally is. *glowers one second into the past at her*

Oh also my hand isn't so ouchy any more. I have an incredibly precise small scar that's still pretty fresh and red and some swelling, but frankly after the year my hand's had, I'm calling it cured and being done with it. :P

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