Tuesday, 11 March 2014


So the day after tomorrow I'm having hopefully quite mild surgery on my wrist to get it all fixed up and on the road to recovery... No more random nerve pain I'm hoping! And a wrist that can tolerate more than a few hours mild computer usage a day before it starts complaining. And fingers that can grip a pen for more than a few minutes. But mostly it's the "random stabbing pains anywhere and everywhere in my hand" that I'm interested in sorting :P

Of course since the injury it's been my least productive time ever for writing, with me actually going the whole of October without a real project, as I finished one edit and was just waiting for NaNoWriMo... as soon as that was over and I finished Medwin's story I sank back into poking and prodding the series. In a way I feel I may have been this unproductive because editing does often feel like a drag: some things I had to do and some things I just felt obliged to do, and while I'm concentrating on them, I count it as productive work but not actual writing. I think I may have started other projects or perhaps done something like finish Book 5 in this time but I have often actively steered away from doing intensive writing projects, with the exception of NaNoWriMo, which I wrote left-handedly in a notebook and then typed up as gently as I could, and still felt like too much work sometimes. I think it's probably my greatest achievement maybe, just that I did it :P

Anyway, for the past eight months or so I've steered myself towards not particularly creative aspects of writing: all re-reading and editing. It gave me time to sometimes get inspired and hammer out a few big new solid paragraphs, but mostly I just read and read and did a few small edits that only needed a few seconds hands-on-keyboard time.

I'm hoping once I have the surgery out the way, and whatever recovery time is necessary (apparently a huge cast for 48 hours, never mind the longer work to build up my hand's strength again) I can get back to the more creative side of my writing.

I'm doing an edit on book 4 at the moment which is turning into at least 4-5 chapters of entirely new content... The way it's ended up I decided since it all just seems to tumble out too quickly, I'd literally just insert a new day and see what Tanya would do if I wouldn't let her go off and investigate properly right away. As Tanya is Tanya, she immediately found a lot of good ways to fill the time with nice character development for her and a lot of overlooked characters (like Jeremy!) and to drop in buckets of foreshadowing which I realise had been missing.

Also I've been vaguely working chronologically through the books pretty much since I got relegated to the reading and editing bench, although I had been working on Concrete Faery before that anyway, trying to get it ready for sending to people. I guess once that day is done and I make it link up nicely with the remainder of the book (which I still haven't dared read so I don't know how much work it needs exactly), I want to finally move onto book 5 and finish it. It's embarrassing that it's still the only unfinished one in the two first cycles, especially when I can see so clearly how it's meant to go. It's a matter of both laziness and just a feeling that literally anything else is more important to write because it's uniquely stand alone and also I feel like I just know what's going to happen and when I sit down and write it will come out, so in a sense... why do I need to write it? :P Which is a terrible mindset especially since I want it done, but it makes things I feel I *need* to do a lot more urgent in case I don't want to do them 5 minutes later or I literally forget what I even meant to do to them.

But yeah. I'm bumping it up the priority order, just for the sake of my pride. *nods*

Of course that does depend a bit on having a working hand, so... wish me luck. We'll see how that goes!

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