Monday, 10 March 2014

Marking territory

You may notice that I impulse bought my own domain name, and that there is literally nothing else on the internet that is mine enough to bear my name, so this blog has become the only thing related to, that link incidentally currently leading to an empty page since it seems like I have to pay for hosting as well, and since I don't yet need to actually exist on the internet I don't see the need in starting to pay for that... But it is nice to have a sort of impact on the internet in my own personal way.

I was reading on a news site about the web and internet in general since it's coming up on a big birthday or something. This article reflected on how Facebook and other big websites which need no naming are, obviously, using like 99% of all web traffic and everyone else is out there attracting a meagre amount of footfall because they aren't a big corporation. Even the article I got this from I literally can't remember which website I read it on, since it was on Facebook, with a link to the site. This article also said that, in a way, even though the internet may be taken up by all these huge names (I mean I am writing this on a Blogger platform), what's so good about it is that people can have their space, and will, and me buying a domain name means I've contributed in the smallest way to building the web, and carving my own unique space in it. All it really means in practice is that if I started linking back to my blog in a more aggressive "hey look at me" way the initial link would seem more professional yet the moment you clap eyes on it you see the generic Blogger theme and you know instantly I didn't like, code it from scratch. 

I don't really know where I'm going with that. I just started thinking about internet and the spaces we make on it, and then saw that article today and *really* started thinking about it. I think the main thing these days is that everyone has an internet footprint, and we just have to make it... a not awful one. I suppose it's the same with anything in life: be good and people will like and respect you more than if you're awful. Another article I saw (and heard a bit from the insiders I follow on Facebook/Twitter) was about annoyed SF fans chasing Jonathan Ross out of presenting the Hugo awards at an upcoming convention... He did a dickish thing in the "Sachsgate" scandal and apparently enough people haven't forgiven him for that (maybe other things as well... I really don't go out of my way to watch things with him involved anyway :P) so it impacted him later on.

That sort of thing obviously is the domain of celebrities, but it happens to normal folk too: like the youth police and crime commissioner post thingy where that girl had it for like 5 minutes before it turned out she'd been a lousy human being on Twitter, and had the post taken from her while hopefully someone in a position of power wondered if it was sensible to give the younger end of teenagers positions of high responsibility in the first place. There were probably a great deal of people reading about that and shifting in their seat, wondering what would come out if they were suddenly thrust into the spotlight. The internet is a lot less anonymous these days: Facebook is pretty much always your real name or a jokey nickname your friends identify you by and even if it isn't it's pretty useless if you don't network with people you know in some way or another. People on Facebook expect real life intrusion like forums and blogs etc in the old days never did. Even old social networks like Myspace I vaguely remember (but sort of missed the boat on until it was already dying :P) people would use screen names. Potential jobs can and will Facebook stalk you to check your value as a human being. If you used your real name on Twitter, same again. Many websites just have Facebook embedded where once their own personal comment system would have been. But people still go around like this is the internet dark ages, piling on hate in any comment section you give them.

I guess I'm just saying... Maybe more openness is better, in a way... We might be leery of our information being taken by governments and corporations, but society is turning into the internet anyway, so why not hope that some sort of good can come of the openness... if just one troll a day decides not to post something horrible because they suddenly get an attack of "what would happen when my friends see this?" the world has won a victory :P

Not that I am ever an asshole on the internet but I now have a blog with my real name plastered on it so I might as well say something about this :P

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