Saturday, 18 January 2014

Concerning Hobbits

My wrist has gone extremely painful again, so I won't type much... On the other hand I got a letter from the hospital saying I actually have an appointment with them, and the biggest shock is it's this month. I would love to be able to use my hand for basic tasks again some day.

Apparently writing too much of anything is bad for me, even by computer: I think my wrist really got bad because along with writing stuff for my work, I've done a surprising amount of editing: since January Concrete Faery has grown 6,000 words, and that's with stuff I've been deleting as well. So that's a net increase... The actual amount I've typed must be more as I have removed some lines here and there.

I've read the whole of The Hobbit, and moved onto The Lord of the Rings, although I'm still determinedly struggling through the history of the Shire and other miscellaneous stuff that comes before the novel actually starts. I sort of want to read it properly because it's been many years and as much as I watch the films I probably should read the books at least once a decade to stop me becoming some sort of dreaded fan of just the media. Of course I hope a lot of people agree if nothing else that structurally the films make a lot more sense, even if it's only the case that it's much better to to cut back and forth between the main characters, not abandoning Frodo for a clear half of the second two books. Even as one volume the amount of time between seeing the characters again is way way too long. Hardcore fans can argue about all the other edits and cuts in the film as much as they like, but they have to give me that... :P

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  1. I liked LoTR films, but haven't seen The Hobbit. Should I?