Monday, 23 December 2013

It's getting super close to Christmas!

I am eating a ton of mince pies and putting off editing my story. Woop! :P

I sort of felt like I should carry on the Medwin Christmas thing but going from that to my NaNo and then back to Medwin sort of feels like overkill.

Somehow instead I put it into my head that I might want to re-structure Cloud People as a 2 or 3 volume series and put back in all the stuff I once stripped out, and now I can't stop thinking about that instead. I'm going to be honest: I miss Sael and his snarky ways. I even miss Yzobella and her bratty ways. There is so much I could do with it! *vibrates off the walls* But I'm all committed to Troutespond at the moment so I guess it's like cheating and I'm a good person so I don't do that? *looks sidelong at Cloud People* *sighs*

Catwin's re-reading all my TP stuff anyways and pointing out all the weird errors, so I have that to work on if I can't bring myself to do that close edit yet anyhow :P Things which absolutely must be fixed because they're just currently *wrong*

Friday, 13 December 2013

*leaps over NaNoWriMo*

Hey again, on the other side of the month :P

So I went and did NaNoWriMo in style and didn't have much brain left for anything else all month apparently. I love the discipline of it but on the other side of the month there's always the "urk, now what?"... First of all I finished the story, getting it to 60k words thanks to a wizard battle (with vampires!) and actually giving it a decent ending... I haven't re-read it since and it's probably too short still at that length but this IS one of those ones where I am happy with it after. Happy enough with it, anyway. I wrote it pretty quickly and even though I had a plan structurally I managed to deviate from that and the projected character arcs I was hoping would come out of it. But that's what writing's all about :D I just need to re-read it at some point after the New Year and see what I think.

I've got Medwin exhaustion at the moment anyway so I haven't picked up The Twelve Days of Christmas again. Instead, inspired by Ciaran, I copy and pasted all of the Troutespond series into one big file to see the overall word count (around 500,000) and then got distracted reading it, which meant having to open up the proper files to make those changes... I spotted more than a few embarrassing typos in Concrete Faery, but they sort of just sneak in no matter what you do and are physically impossible to spot until things are way out of your hands. In this case, I have a professional manuscript doctor about to get back to me any day now with his suggestions, so there is zero point in fussing with it now. I have a theory that typos will slowly reveal themselves to you depending on the number of other human beings who view your story, while remaining invisible if you are the only one to read it.

As I was walking about during the week all this chronological reading has pointed out to me that I should really turn my attention to Book 4, which is still sitting around being 50k words and lacking narrative hooks to anyone who isn't me. The opening is super promising but it does have a bit of a fizzle halfway, which I worry a lot of stories I write do when I try to make them happen organically. So I need to go inject a bit more drama into it. I mean, the ending is stupidly OTT so I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to ham it up just a little beforehand, and now I've written book 8, never mind got proper re-writes of books 1-3 sorted, I should reeeeeally know what I'm doing now. I've come up with a few ways to come at it, so we'll see. I still need to finish re-reading book 2, which I could do really quickly but I'm pretty easy to distract.

*wanders off*