Monday, 4 November 2013

That time of year again...

Yep, it's November, aka NaNoWriMo, the writer's, er... well I'd say like holy month or something but it seems to be a great source of stress and frustration to some, no matter how fun they say it is. A busy month for us, anyway. :)

So, not like I'm completely obsessed with him or anything, I'm writing a story about Medwin this month, making it vaguely detective-ish, the sort of thing I always assumed he did when I wasn't writing him for Christmas stories in his grown up incarnation. So yeah, that Christmas story was revived quite a lot just for world-building and me trying to get a grip on everything. It's only just turning day four as I type this but I do like how it's coming along.

Anyway since I'm sort of injured still with a hand that gets sore after too much typing I am going pretty slowly, and also going back and editing etc, re-reading and doing all sorts of normal writing practices which are normally banned during this month. I can write over the required word count per day normally, so I guess this is also about consistency more than anything, and this year I kind of want to write something I won't instantly decide to hate. The only other one I didn't hate is The Poet and the River, which I accidentally destroyed not long after NaNo ended by trying to edit it and saving over it after a whole day's hard work with an old version, so... *sad face* It never really went anywhere and is back on the pile of "NaNo stories that never happened" with all the rest.

I'm determined to like this one. :)