Monday, 24 September 2012

Been quiet for a while...

I've had a cold and somehow even just a rubbish minor illness makes me go quiet. I mean, I took a whole year off, starting pretty much the week I got tonsillitis, and it took me that long to get back into blogging... Not sure what that's about.

Anywhoo, I've finished the latest draft of Concrete Faery, and sent it off to an editor I really liked the look of... I wasn't meaning to jump right in like that, but an opportunity popped up, so I grabbed it. I really ought to be looking at agents, not editors, but I'm excitable and not very good at being normal. My mum had to read my cover email and prune it down into stuff normal people would say. Hopefully the fact that Concrete Faery is full of things that normal people wouldn't say is its main selling point, though... So maybe I ought to write all my business emails in my crazy way? I don't know. :P Even if I'm trying not to be silly I'm terrible for rambling and saying things I shouldn't.

My oldest email account that I still use (kinda), the gsnurd one, got hacked yesterday... Sent a whole list of people a spammy link. Not pleased with that, especially when I got locked out of it all day for apparently not knowing enough about myself to answer all the questions. I really ought to just close down the account or at least delete all the contacts and reserve it only for those moments when I'm trying to log into a site I haven't been to in years and have to try all the old emails... Most things I have now are linked to my main gmail account, so I barely think about it.

What else have I been doing? Well, work has been rained out for like 4 straight days, so I've been catching up on sitting around and playing Minecraft. I recreated the main features of Fishbourne Roman Palace before I ran out of bricks and couldn't do the out buildings and kitchen and stuff. S'alright, you basically use 3 pieces of furniture for the whole game, so a giant villa is wasted in-game. It's just for show. :P

I've also been making tentative stabs at Secrets of the Stonespeaker. I realised it's 30,000 words long, and the plot is barely exposed. Just a few threads to tug on at the moment. It's the opposite problem of the Troutespond books... There's just so much going on there. I was going to save the character Jek up for ages and only have him appear after several major events... But I realised I had to use him anyway. So he's suddenly filling up space. :P Some of the Teo scenes could have been shorter and had less in them, but he's my only real chance for general world building in the opening since he's the only one moving around and being a noob at everything. At least these days the fad is for massive paperweight books.

But it's so ridiculously far from being finished, I don't know why I'm talking about it like that. Just carry on and write it, Lizbob. Shush now.


Well there's always other things on my mind, but that's as much of a summary as I can be bothered to type, so I'm off. : ) *wanders away*

Oh, except that my mum got me a copy of the complete Sherlock Holmes short stories, and I've been working my way through them at a fair pace and enjoying every word. Brilliant stuff.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Save the bear!

Seeing the last post reminded me that I'd bought those pencils... I haven't even sharpened one of them yet... Not doing a good job justifying buying them to myself!

Thinking about justifying, I kind of compulsively justify everything left/right because that's how essays were supposed to be handed in right through school and university... Because presentation was everything. Had to be reminded today that in actual fact the standard for manuscripts is just left justified, I suppose because then all the letters line up in the same place as each other if they're scanning it or something. I dunno. Probably other reasons back before technology.

Murfs has started getting a bit over-heat-y again, but I think this is because I've been slowly transferring a whole stack of CDs onto him. He's completely reasonable when I'm just sitting on my beanbag and writing.

Thinking of the beanbag, this is my current workspace. It's only so chaotic because of the week-long ongoing CD transfer thing. I finally realised that I could do it on this laptop now I had it back in working order... And I have seriously got CDs I bought almost two years ago and never listened to because I only really listen to music on my computer and like a CD at night while I'm writing in bed, but I can rarely be bothered to change that one. Also I keep it to the same few "quiet" ones so if I pass out while it's still playing I won't wake myself up when a shouty song comes on.

Anyway, I've been pretty good lately about keeping at least my floor clear, if not the room at an actual presentable standard. I dunno why; no one special ever comes here (EXCEPT MY MUM, AAAWWW), but I'm giving that tiny room, tidy thoughts thing a go. My thoughts could do with a little more organisation.

Yes Freddy is being eaten by that drum. No he's fine, don't worry.