Friday, 31 August 2012

Beanbag land

Well I've ended up living on my bean bag for the most part of my sitting around writing experience. This is mostly because Open Office and Libre Office don't seem to talk to each other 100%... Add in that I was creating .doc files so I could open them via Dropbox on my Android phone, and basically I think the files were going through the blender. I'm presumably quite lucky that I only had to save a new version each time because of all the "THIS IS A READ-ONLY FILE, YOU MORON" that kept flashing up. I'm pretty sure there must be a way to change a file so it is *not* read only, but aside from saving it as a copy like Open Office always suggests I don't know. Mostly because I'm lazy.

I mean theoretically all of those things should be compatible with each other: Dropbox works on Lubuntu, Android and Windows 7, and .doc files are the standard file that all files come in and word processors have to be able to open because they're going to lose a huge market of they don't. Somehow switching to them from the Open Office/Libre Office standard file type and then wringing them through a mobile phone still produced less than optimal results.

Anyhow, the reason I'm on my beanbag is my desktop computer did some more delightful freezing/overheating, and since Murfs, even with his half hour battery life, is the more reliable of the two since he was be-Linux'd, that's where I ended up saving all my files as the version I'm currently using, and haven't dared edit them on another machine in case I have to go a fifth round of "Save as copy..."

So far for just this one attempt at a draft we have had:

I'm mostly worried because I don't think I know what I'd call the next file when it inevitably breaks.

And yes I know I should probably delete them, but I'm paranoid: what if in three weeks I find there's a missing word somewhere and I knew I wrote it but what was that word even..!?! And I have to open up six different versions of the file, but at last, there it is! Only on the phone-copy I made which is only random strings of jumbled characters when I open it on a computer, but still viewable on my phone? After ten minutes of scrolling through the slow-loading pages I find that one word that I was missing!

Therefore, the clutter stays. It's okay, as long as it's only on the computer I don't look like a mad cat lady hoarder who has manuscripts piled up past her ears in every room of the house.

If you print out the contents of my entire writing folder it *is* more than two large storage boxes through. Significantly so.

Shh. I can be mad in my own time.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

So then I poisoned myself...

My mum left me at home all by myself and expected me to fend for myself while working full-time. Now, I am, I admit, rather hopeless but I did survive three years of university with only two crippling illnesses and one of those I had and recovered from over the summer holiday where people were there to care for me. So I thought, you know, a few weeks, how hard could it be?

Aaaand I managed to get food poisoning for the second time in my life. I have total veto power over what I put in my mouth so I can't blame anyone but myself for the decisions I made regarding what I was going to eat. Mind you I tried the licorice ice cream at work the instant I was back there, so I suppose I haven't really learned any lessons at all from this deal, except that somehow I've equalled "don't get food poisoning" with "remember to eat vegetables" and even if it's totally inaccurate I don't want to second guess that valuable life lesson too much.

Anyway, I am back on my feet and also back to work, but I did manage to spew out a lot of Teo's story in the last few days as well, during the "no longer throwing up every five minutes but still too weak to do more than sit at my computer" stage. I'd got rather stuck with it and I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but then I had a burst of inspiration and desire to write it.

This was caused by walking along the road to my dad's house, completely meaning to think about Concrete Faery, since I'm already as far as writing the bit at the end. But I stopped to look at the view over the valley and I was just trying to work out how the City (yes it still doesn't have a name) would look if it was about the size of Hastings. Since I can see pretty much all of Hastings, one way or another, just outside my house.

Anyway, that totally side tracked me and I wrote my first real scene from Per's point of view (YES the prince has a name now!) and then re-wrote the scene I'd been stuck on, which was Rishan's viewpoint. I totally cut Teo out of it, and then by skipping immediately to Berys, the poor guy has faded from view a bit.

Well he is stuck doing a really boring job at the moment and I don't have any plans for him to have something exciting happen while he's down there. He just needs to be out of the way.

Anyway, after all that, the important thing is that I came up with a title for the story! It's called The Stonespeaker's Secrets for the time being, at least until I come up with something better, or, in the far future, some editor at a publishing company forces me to change it. Which I would really not mind. Because titles are really not my strong point and I've only stressed so hard about the Troutespond Series titles because there are so darn many of them and that sort of makes it my responsibility because there's a lot of work involved.

Like, all the wizards are Stonespeakers in that story. It'll be funny for people to try and work out which is the one in the title. Even I don't know which one has the most significant secrets! (Okay I totally do but I'm not telling.)

Friday, 10 August 2012


Well, in the last week I've expanded Concrete Faery by over 3000 words, which I am pretty impressed with, considering I've mostly been reading it through and tweaking and rambling here and there where appropriate. I've not even been working even somewhat solidly on it: I'm still working every day, and I started reading one book, finished reading a different one. So my current ongoing pile of books is still huge but at least it held steady this week, while the finished pile grew for the first time in a while. :P

It is rambling like that I need to avoid in the story... Hoping I get it all out of my system here. :P

I've become aware I'm not entirely sure what constitutes healthy food. I've been feeding myself for three weeks now and I feel a little ill. I've been trying to eat a variety of foods. I think it may be the manner I'm eating: trying to feed myself up to survive until the end of work, and then after work when I feel hungry for the first time after snacking all through the morning, I cram a huge meal into my face at 10pm or something ridiculous like that, and then dither about when I can go to bed.

So all in all I think I just need to eat the same sort of food I'm eating but maybe not like I am eating. So there's an interesting fail on my part. :P

I think writing Ally jinxes me to be a bit more fail-tastic and prone to accident. My clumsiness has jumped in the last week. I smacked my head twice at work, once on the counter really quite hard when I was bending down to look for napkins I didn't intend to give to a customer anyway because they were being whiny. :P

Anyway I'll have to leave for work in an hour so now I've got a layer of stupid thoughts out of my head, back to writing!