Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer Cleaning

Just had a go at wearing myself out by tidying my room... I am quite proud of the effect I had on it. Not sure how long it will last, but for tonight I only have my old problem of too many things on the surfaces. On my desk alone, which is a pretty narrow space, I have a little barrel of fountain pen ink, a desk tidy, a PIN reader and card, gum and soothers, a gum tin that looks like a pacman ghost that my current gum strips don't fit in, a little wheelie bin pencil sharpener, a big eraser, a small tangle of wires for my camera/phone/wireless antennae, a data stick, a mug of pens, a coaster with a glass on it, an empty ibuprofen packet, my phone, nail clippers, a comb, a lego man, a little toy horse, a red teddy bear, a giant ladybug stuffie, a fairy snow globe and one of the only sheep ornaments of a set I had that Bekah didn't deface and I didn't smash somehow. As well as two speakers, a monitor, keyboard, mouse and the tower of my PC since there's no room for it beneath my desk because I keep half a drum set under there. :P

Anyway, tidy room, tidy mind, apparently. Not that I spend much time thinking about my room. And I'm usually pretty tidy about organising things that matter like my writing.

I was wondering if I should organise my books a little better, but I have to do them by size just because of the awkward shape of my shelves and lack of bookends, so that would destroy any attempts to properly alphabetize it. I'm using hefty books and notebooks as bookends on half the shelves. And I wonder why it took me most of an evening to locate my copy of the complete works of Shakespeare...

Oh yeah, also a notebook and some phone documentation just surfaced on my desk :P *moves them*

Should really do stuff with the rest, but... I think I have actually worn myself out now. It's almost 2:30 and I've been tidying since just before midnight...

I was going to write something about writing: I've pretty much finished re-drafting Changeling's Choice to something I am extremely happy with, but it's so late and I'm probably a bit addled right now, so it's probably not the best time to analyse my writing experience or whatever I want to do. :P

May come back to this in the morning. May forget for a week. In any case, here is a blog entry.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Same things as anyone...

I've had Stereophonics's Lying in the Sun stuck in my head for the last half hour. Not sure why because I know full well it's an extremely sad-sounding song and having finally had a good dose of sun I should not be having mournful lines from a slow, sad song stuck in my head, whatever the title. My brain is no better than a radio station stooge who crawled through their back catalogue for every song with "sun" in the title without stopping to sample the content.

My subconscious can be a bit dumb like that, but I've also been musing on how it can occasionally be quite good too. We just finished watching The Hollow Crown series of Shakespeare histories on the beeb this evening (went from Richard II - Henry V) and my brain is reeling in post-Shakespeare wordgasm delight. After too much exposure to anything eloquent and well-written I end up with a subconscious bubbling with wordplay and fancy phrasings, but I can never ever get it out. It comes out in weird moments when it is of absolutely no use. Sometimes I can barely speak: I have a tiny bit of a lisp and can stammer sometimes and often if I do manage to speak it comes out incoherent or backwards with a lot of verbal dyslexia. I say a lot of ridiculous things because I'm so relieved to get through half the sentence I hadn't planned the rest since I wasn't expecting to actually get to say it. And it's not like I'm exactly the most eloquent writer either. I'm pretty lousy at poetry when I'm trying to draw words out. And I've never grasped rhythm well.

But all that aside, I sometimes accidentally spill out a stream of words that just WORK, and occasionally there is an incident such as the one where we bumped into an American tourist in London who asked for directions, and completely without realising, I ran out a stream of Shakespearean quality English in response, complete with a "perchance?" on the end when enquiring as to where he was heading. I didn't even realise what I'd said until I noticed my mum practically wetting herself with laughter, and then I ran through what I'd said. Perhaps it was just my brain seizing on the chance to perversely try to convince Americans we really do all talk like that all the time here.

Wish I really could talk like that all the time.

And write like it too. That would just be brilliant. :D

Friday, 20 July 2012

Well that's cool... I can update my blog from my phone now. I was just thinking I was going to bed, but this is much more interesting. I half planned to take my laptop with me because I'm slacking again. It's once again the fault of not being able to write in a notebook  for long stretches. I have a ton of text to edit instead. And my brain seems to have been switched off all summer. I need a more regular schedule so I can make time in my brain that I know is writing time. I seem to be unable to put a new paragraph in so I'd better stop now before this gets too long...

Monday, 16 July 2012

Return of the Killer ASDAsaurs

You may remember my love of badly drawn dinosaurs:

Well there is a spot in Hastings which seems to have the same sacred reverence of the square with teeth or wibbly line with legs in the middle that are children's attempts at T-rexes and the imaginary Brontosaurus.

I speak of course (of course!) of the ASDAsaurs: the mosaic-mural thing outside the new ASDA in St Leonards which is simply the most awesome mural I have ever clapped eyes on and I defy you to produce a better T-Rex than that yellow box with a tail and teeth on the end. I am completely in love and every time I go past I sigh a little with delight that such a thing exists. It makes me forget that they are Wal-Mart and evil and okay they make decent instant hot chocolate but whatever.

In a perfect world primary school children would decorate every public building and every wall. And the theme would always be Dinosaurs. It could be "Dinosaurs and..." the seasonal theme such as nature, football, whatever... Just as long as the important word was there at the beginning. Perhaps we could get them to design packaging for things. Or to dabble in webdesign. The world needs more hilarious poorly drawn dinosaurs.

It occurs to me...

That I actually haven't done any work on Changeling's Choice in like two whole weeks or something. I've been busy being awesome at Teo's story. I retconned in a new chapter three, which is now from Jek's point of view. Still don't know what the story is called, but I DID finally come up with a name for that annoying prince... Sophie's suggestions helped. :D If she's reading this, *waves* Thanks! He's got a suitably pretentious name now, and I'm still plagiarising names from myself all over the place for other minor characters. But it doesn't matter because I'm hardly likely to use the old stuff they come from.

And if I do go back... Well I'll just have the trouble of trying to think of more names for those places.

Although it's more likely one day I'll, like, mentally over turn the table and be like, "All these names are stupid and I only came up with them to save me from going crazy from having to call everyone "that guy" all the time in the narration until I thought of something better!" And then I'll give them all new, better names after a lot of crying over how hard it is to name people and how my kids will all be called Bob, even the female ones.

And I did write that chapter with Rishan, or at least the first half of it. He turns out to be a very fun character to write, exactly like I predicted.

It's been raining a ton here lately, and I haven't really worked for over a week because of it... Plenty of time to sit around writing. I've tried turning my hand to Captain Templeton but I've still not really been in the mood for drawing it. It's a really complicated background in most of the panels, so I admit I may be putting it off a little, but only because I want to do it right, and coming to it in the wrong mood very quickly means a lot of scribbles and me giving up in a huff. I am not a good artist. :P Good artists practice every single day and rise up to challenges like complicated backgrounds with enthusiasm. I just sulk. :D