Thursday, 31 May 2012

All your laptops in one basket

Managed to drip tea on my pile of laptops. Just a couple of drops on the lid of one, but it occurred to me there's a saying about eggs and baskets and putting three laptops in various states of usability (but all at least showing zombie-levels of life if not more) one on top of each other is probably a bit of a risk. *Just puts the new one that still works in the regular line of fire for drops of tea*

We went up to London (Hatfield specifically) to see my brother's film show yesterday. It was awesome and his work was amazing. So proud of him for being gifted in something which you can just whack up on a projector and say "Look what I did!". I hope he talked with a lot of the industry people who were there looking to employ some of these young film/game making geniuses, and now has a job or something. I dunno, haven't talked to him today. He's probably quite burnt out. :P

Anyway, because of all the train travel I managed to do a fair bit of typing up on The Changeling's Choice. It's pretty important that I've managed to get as far back as the second book in the series... Not working on book 7 or 8 means I'm editing things a bit closer to the beginning, and I can't really send out Concrete Faery until I'm happier with it. I've already identified Alana as a bit of a problem there because her motivation is a bit sketchy since she's working on behalf of the Piper but doesn't agree with him on a lot of stuff. I need to get in a lot more about everything she does so that it's clearer where she's acting for herself and where she's acting on behalf of the Piper, because that will make her a lot more confusing and, considering she's not the friendliest character, a lot more likeable. I've been skimming through A Clash of Kings to remind myself of what's going on and it's also reminded me that characters who do pretty unlikeable things can still be likeable overall, and vice versa. Not that my stories are anything like, or even the characters: Alana being grumpy is hardly like being the mass-murdering casually rape-y characters who show up in A Song of Ice and Fire. :P

So holding off on writing Concrete Faery while I put in some extra stuff for Changeling's Choice, namely a lot more of Alana's mom and an extra day of Changelingness. Hopefully I'll be able to expose more of Alana's character, and then I can reverse engineer what I learn about her into Concrete Faery. It is definitely making me think about what to write for the first book, because of just how close it is, how much the story ties into and depends on it, and, well, having to recap that one specific story instead of a more general one as the series moves on and there's too much to summarise in a few words.

Well I'd better stop typing before I accidentally close the tab again. :P I'm so clumsy even using computers... And you'd think the amount I game and type and generally use the internet I'd be better at it. You could say the same for walking or not opening doors in your own face. Practice does not = skill.

Thankfully I do feel I get better at writing every year, or I really would despair about not having a single useful talent in the world. :P

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Save the Fish!

I hope when everyone was a kid they drew dinosaurs in various ridiculous situations as often as I did. It was a staple of my childhood. I kept all the dino drawings in one notebook, which confusingly had a fish drawn on the front, by me, wearing a crown and surrounded by a court of smaller fish. "SAVE THE FISH" it declared. And then the rest of the book was about dinosaurs getting in trouble with thunder clouds or eating each other.

Or getting toothache, of course.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

I have a worrying feeling I'm a morning writer...

... and I'm just too lazy to ever do the work in the morning when I ought to. All the most productive, regular writing I did was at university in the mornings before classes or on the bus or whatever. I'm secondly a public transport sort of writer, so combine a 6am bus ride with a notebook and pen, and you get 200,000 words of Cloud People in a term.

Anyway. With work I've had a couple of mornings where I did a lot of writing while I waited to go in... But most of these days when I'm still waiting and don't know where my day's going I always end up putting it off. I try to write a bit before bed but that does tend to lead to face planting into my notebook. And this morning I woke up to the thunk of my notebook vanishing down the side of my bed. I had to mount a full rescue mission for it.

I suppose the real problem is just that I can't find the motivation at the moment, which is rare to the point of being almost unheard of for me. But between all the various computer issues I'm scribbling a lot more in notebooks than I'm typing up, and when I do that I do start grinding to a halt left right and centre when I don't have a definitive version typed up to refer to. Teo's story currently has three scenes dotted through it where the Loremasters' histories are explained, and I'm using none of them... I keep backing away from telling it when I do. And I left off a couple of bridging parts between scenes because I didn't know where they were going in the end because the order is pretty much at random and I still don't think all the scenes I *have* typed up are in the right order. So basically I have a lot of words I'm not using, and a lot of words I'm missing, and until I have a computer I enjoy typing for long periods of time on which is NOT likely to die in front of me as I do so... I am probably going to keep rougher and rougher drafts of all this stuff. :/ Which is also why work on the Troutespond Series has utterly ground to a halt because there's nothing else I can *DO* without using a computer I trust and enjoy writing on.

I know it was a long time ago that I last mentioned reading, but I think I'm getting less burned out now it's been over a year since the degree. In that time I read a few novels, and re-read a lot more. :P I think most of the books I picked up over that year were ones I'd already run my eyes over before. Sort of just getting back into enjoying it for enjoyment's sake. Now I'm ready to attempt new books without finding myself twisting my brain too much. I did find myself sketching a comparative essay between Snow Falling on Cedars and The Girl with the Glass Feet discussing remoteness, isolation, snow and nature imagery in rural island settings, comparing one historical setting to a well-realised fantasy setting, but I managed to shake it before I did more than sketch up a mental outline. So, yeah. I'm healing from my degree. :P

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I probably need to stop watching Avengers Assemble at some point.

Those record box office takings? I'd say... probably a quarter of them are me. It'd be more, but I used the Odeon card for most of them, and Orange Wednesdays where applicable so got a decent amount of free film for my efforts. :P

In any case, it has completely taken the edge off my wait for The Hobbit to arrive in cinemas.

I may be getting a new computer soon, and if that is the case then I can settle down and lay out all the stories from my series, read them through, and begin my plan of attack. I've been writing notes and preparing myself for the moment that I have to re-read/re-write them, and I think I have a better idea of the sort of words I need to put down, at least. It's all just sitting in the back of my mind, sometimes seemingly completely sidelined for Teo's story... But actually it's all there, grinding away. I get scenes and moments from it in my head as I walk places and get caught up in writing the story in my head in a way that I haven't been affected by since basically early drafts of Cloud People or Soddinelvs stuff. This is "Probably shouldn't be walking near busy main roads" kind of daydreaming.

Although on the way back from the cinema after seeing The Avengers with Catwin, it was actually just fantasising about how I might make myself the Piper's coat that had me distracted. :P That would be epically cool to make an Ally costume, even though like maybe 3-4 people would instantly recognise what I'd done and most of them are internet friends.

Anyway I think my corn on the cob might be boiling over. I don't know why I am sitting here blogging when I should be feeding myself.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Well I feel bad about that lazy blog entry...

So here I am on my day off from selling doughnuts so I have absolutely no excuse about being tired and therefore writing the worst blog entry ever :P

I've been typing up that draft of Teo's story all day, really. Aside from a break to play WoW, but that was after typing up over 4,000 words so I figure it was fine to take a break. :P I was writing a lot of scenes for Teo's story in my lunch breaks and I ended up putting loads of them in a totally different order from how I wrote them. Of course, now that I've pretty much alternated between Teo and other characters I'm going to feel a lot of pressure to keep on alternating as much as I can. Although I do want to get my four narrators (Teo, Rishan, Berys and Emelle) all in the same room at one point to have a drink. I'm getting lots of little ideas for the story coming to me now, and I like how it looks, although I don't really have an idea about how it all links up. I guess I'll just keep writing and find out. It's looking less and less likely that Teo will ever leave this city for long. :P

Aaand I have to go get dinner. I may be back to ramble about something. If not... apologies for another lazy blog entry. :P

Friday, 11 May 2012

Blah, been way too busy making doughnuts and cleaning everything in the shop to be alert enough to blog. On the other hand, I quite possibly have earned moneys. That's cool. :P

I recently had Murfs, my laptop from university, restored to me and I meant to make a long blog post rambling about the nature of storing our lives on computers, although I think I may have done that before. Hm. In any case I never got around to it, but here are my thoughts I posted on Facebook. Yes this is a very lazy blog post... it's 2am and I'm tired long and short term. :P

I'm sitting remembering all the good times I had with Murfs, my laptop from January of my first year of uni. :)
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  • Sophie Corbett likes this.
    • Lizzy Priest I started Concrete Faery on that machine, and hammered out 2,000 words of it every morning before going to classes
      7 May at 23:57 · 
    • Lizzy Priest sometimes we'd curl up in bed together and just watch anime
      7 May at 23:57 · 
    • Lizzy Priest and in my second year when I was having a lot of trouble sleeping we camped out on the floor and watched David Attenborough together, and we'd wake up with my face planted in its keys
      7 May at 23:58 · 
    • Lizzy Priest I wrote all but 6 of the essays I wrote for uni on it, including the Dissertation, which was in pieces of files all over the desktop, which was frozen in time from my last month of using it before today
      7 May at 23:59 · 
    • Lizzy Priest The photos on it track hanging out with all the friends I made at university, and everyone I knew before... It has all my pictures and all my music from my whole life stashed on it
      Tuesday at 00:00 · 
    • Lizzy Priest all the dumb photos of stuffed hedgehogs and pumpkins from sleepovers with Bekah
      Tuesday at 00:00 ·  ·  1
    • Lizzy Priest The weather app was stuck in Chichester. it was 17 degrees and sunny last time I used this laptop
      Tuesday at 00:01 · 
    • Lizzy Priest Google Chrome had all my bookmarks from then, including webcomics I'd lost and forgotten and the University of Chichester login
      Tuesday at 00:02 · 
    • Lizzy Priest I wrote the first Captain Templeton comics on there
      Tuesday at 00:03 · 
    • Lizzy Priest and drew and coloured them with the touch pad...
      Tuesday at 00:03 · 
    • Lizzy Priest The desktop is the first panel of Captain Templeton 5, with Honkers and Fastow cleaning the deck
      Tuesday at 00:04 · 
    • Lizzy Priest For the last year I've felt like I started over, missing all the drawings I did when I was 14, all the dumb photos of cacti I took for some reason... I felt like I was starting anew, when all my computers died one after the other, leaving me with a bare minimum of what I felt was most of my personality
      Tuesday at 00:06 · 
    • Lizzy Priest and now I am reunited with Old Lizzy, who has this totally barmy collection of weird junk cluttering up her computer but is clearly awesome. I think I'll get along with her as I sort through just what she's been hoarding all these years. :D
      Tuesday at 00:07 · 
    • Rebekah Wheatley This is good support for the "extended mind" theory in philosophy of mind... Computers, notebooks, etc. are extensions of our mind : P
      Tuesday at 00:09 · 
    • Lizzy Priest They are! :O I really felt like I'd lost a chunk of myself when I thought I lost Murfs and I really did blow up my other old computer in the same week. When I "lost" the laptop I was like, "it's cool, I still have the desktop. I'll back up those files... Soon."
      Tuesday at 00:12 · 
    • Lizzy Priest Soon was not soon enough :S
      Tuesday at 00:12 · 

Saturday, 5 May 2012


Hmm, could have sworn I blogged yesterday. I know I kept coming onto the page and looking at it, but I guess I never really found anything that I wanted to say. :P

Well over the last couple of weeks I wrote a ghost story. Is is probably the longest I have ever taken to write a short story from start to finish. Normally I just hammer them out in a day or two, and then spend the same amount of time poking and changing them. I guess I did a lot of the poking and changing as I went. I wasn't so sure of where the story was going, and I had a lot different ideas I aimed at before veering away from them. I found that stupid mantra people keep saying about various things, "Keep it simple, stupid," going around in my head. I normally deeply dislike people who recite thing like that, especially since they're bloody obvious most of the time and seem so condescending, especially that one in particular openly insulting you, that I just want to find and kick whoever said it. But in this case I figured this annoying voice probably had a point and I had clearly been ignoring the advice. So I looked at what was already in the story, or at least in my head about the characters and setting, and used that and only that to wrap things up.

If it's a novel, obviously you can't do that, though. :P And now I am thinking about it, I think I very much have been doing it with Concrete Faery & co. After all, I started writing these about the same time as I was learning everything I know about short stories, and I suppose some of that must have bled into them, which is why they ended up as short novels instead. Except now I'm having trouble making them not simple.

Oh well, I have to head on out and sell doughnuts now, so laters. :)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Not an artist, sadly.

Blargh, I've been redrawing Captain Templeton comics quite intently for the last few days while I try and think of stuff to write. The whole first half or more of the story so far is atrocious, either because I wasn't trying or because I was drawing on paper. At least I've now got to the point where I can trace the old comics and just do better, neater lines. I'm probably only going to re-draw the three I did by hand once I have finished Page 4, since there was a sharp upturn in quality from comic 6 onwards, as I actually realised I was doing something I enjoyed and that other people seemed to like it as well. I mean, it is sort of a silly project, but it'd be nice to make some real progress through a story, and maybe one day I can vanity publish it because, you know, that's really popular these days and I'm sure I could convince a few of my friends to buy a copy if I actually went through with it.

I don't really think of myself as a webcomic artist much, but then I look at the archives of some of my favourites and I realise that back in the day when they were just starting out they were every part as wonky as Captain Templeton is... Heh. I don't really draw enough to call myself a proper artist though. Proper artists always seem to be churning out masses of doodles and sketches and stuff, and they always seem to have their pen moving. I save all my pen movement for writing, and I hope that all the practice, probably equal to the amount arty people draw, has made me as good as them with my pen. However, on the internet it does seem easier to sell yourself if you're best at drawing and can write a bit on the side, rather than the reverse.

Anywho. Back to drawing with me. :)